#RoamingRed Part 2 – Malaysia

For the second instalment of #RoamingRed I made the three hour flight south from Hong Kong to Malaysia.

My first port of call was the capital, Kuala Lumpur; a typical Asian city, very similar to the overcrowding and hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, but with a different culture. After the usual tourist activity of sightseeing, I headed to the beaches of the Perhentian Islands where I met Mr Ali.

He was a part time taxi driver and the most interesting person I had met on my travels so far. For the hour-long journey he did not stop talking and we were soon on to the subject of football, when he told me his favourite team were the champions of Europe, Barcelona.

Mr Ali fancied himself as a winger back in his playing days, but he assured me these are long since over and now he enjoys racing one of his four cars, along with fishing and buying animals to farm.

When driving through his village to get to the port, we saw his son playing football with about 30 others on a patch of sandy grass home to chickens and goats, with goalposts made from bamboo.

Mr Ali told me his sons followed the English game avidly and would be up sometimes in the early hours of the morning, because of the time difference, to see the scores come in via the internet.

When I asked if he knew any of the English leagues, Mr Ali named the top four flights of English football, but insisted his sons would know much more.

He also mentioned he had a grandson who is too young to have a team yet, to which I said look no further and pulled out the Reds Jersey just as we approached the destination.

After talking about the club and holding the home shirt, Mr Ali laughed then asked if they were available in smaller sizes and seemed happy to take the photo. He was looking forward to checking the website with his sons as he didn’t think they’d believe he would be featured on an English club’s

Another overseas’ Reds fan recruited!


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