Tan’s teaser- Cardiff City’s new badge to be revealed Monday

Image Source

Times are changing at Cardiff City. Owner, Vincent Tan, has announced that the Welsh outfit will be returning to a more traditional badge, showing the famous bluebird in all its glory.

Without the fans backing, the badge changed back in 2012 as part of a rebrand and the bluebird made way for a red dragon.

The new crest has been designed in-house and still features a dragon, this time of oriental origin, however Tan believes the bluebird being the focal point will keep the fans happy. Supporters have been eagerly awaiting the new badge since Tan’s plea to restore Cardiff City back to its old traditions.

The club has released a teaser of the new design, and Tan believes the fans will be pleased when they see it for the first time on Monday, describing it as “truly outstanding.”

After a period of turmoil, the owner pleased the Cardiff faithful back in January when the club returned to their original blue home shirts; after 18 months of wearing the out of favour red.

Tan hopes this positivity will help fans concentrate on matters on the pitch and help performances improve so they can focus on returning to the top flight.


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