5 aspects football could take from the NFL…

A sell out Wembley hosted the final match of the International NFL series on Sunday, as the Dallas Cowboys beat the Jacksonville Jaguars. There is no contest which is the most skilful, passionate and overall superior out of the beautiful game versus Americas version of Egg Chasing, however there are certain elements we could incorporate this side of the pond which would make attending football matches more of an experience for fans…

1. Cheerleaders

Here in the Premiership we have have ‘the Crystal’s’ warming up Selhurst Park on Matchdays, but apart from that we have very little female activity. The only eye candy at a football game is the Little-Moe lookalike serving up the Burgers before the game, unless your close enough to see the Wags. We need something to look forward to for all those sleazy old men and a few more cheeleaders would do the trick.

2. Wearing the team colours

Unless your between 8 and 13, if you turned up to a party with a Stoke City top you would be ripped to shreds by the cool kids in their hackett polos and you’d have to turn it around saying ‘Joking… I thought it was fancy dress.’ In America they have snapbacks, beanies, tshirts, tracksuits, actual jerseys, the lot; In fact, if you went to a party you would see at least 5 people in an out of date LeBron James Heat top and 10 in some sort of headwear. You wouldn’t exactly wear a Sunderland cap to your next party over here, would you?

3. Half time entertainment

Yeah, we get the odd ex Pro reading out a raffle ticket or an X factor winner taking a few penalties, but our half time consists of grabbing a beer and a burger in the stands. The likes of Michael Jackson and Beyonce have performed in the half time shows in the NFL. At least if you support Sunderland And your losing 4-0 at half time you have something to look forward to.

4. Things to do around the ground

Americans are over the top in most aspects of life, but they deserve credit when putting on a show. Outside Wembley there was music, dancing, and different types of NFL related games (e.g. Fastest throw) overall creating a more enjoyable and memorable experience for fans.

5. Food

Of course there was a ‘Mac n cheese’ van on Wembley way for the NFL games, only the Americans could have come up with this. It served Mac and cheese burgers, deep fried balls and the usual you would expect. The most extravagant food we get at football games is an undercooked £8 margherita!

All this may not fit in with domestic football in England, but surely would work nicely with the international friendlies and qualifiers. This would help prevent Wembley from being half empty and draw a lot better atmosphere than the usual England games.


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