Boring, Boring Wembley

Yes we beat San Marino, and yes we scored 5, but is this really good enough considering we were playing quite literally the worst team in the world?

I was at Wembley for the game and the whole situation felt like something was missing. We are used to having several leaders in the team the past decade with Beckham, Owen, Terry, Ferdinand, Cole, Gerrard and the list goes on; nowadays we rely on Rooney too much for experience and to take the game by the scruff of its neck.

We need players who take risks and try something different every now and again, like Jack Wilshere, who has not been at his best in an England shirt but I’m sure he will rise to the occasion sooner rather than later.

Even the crowd was boring. The most exciting part was a half hearted attempt at a Mexican wave that shut down after 2 laps of the pitch. Maybe the FA should introduce ground sharing up and down the country for these qualifying games against minnows as they did when Wembley was being rebuilt.

Stadiums such as the Riverside stadium rose the the occasion in the past, providing a real atmosphere for the games and giving people the chance to see their country play, as not everyone gets the chance to get to the capital. England internationals should have the same feel as a Premier League match, we are meant to be a proud nation!

In a poll online Joe heart received man of the match from England fans, even though he only had one save to make the entire Match. This just highlights the fact that we were all expecting much more than a lacklustre display.

We should be going for goal scoring records against these teams, trying to outdo Germany’s 13-0 victory back in 2006. This would make a real statement going into future campaigns that we are a force to be reckoned with and prove that our Brazilian nightmare is behind us.

There were signs of promise for Hodgsons men however, with substitutes Adam Lallana and Alex Oxlade- Chamberlain staking their claim to the starting Xl against future opponents with skilful displays. The fact that Rooney is not playing his best and still grabbing goals is also a huge plus.

Maybe as a nation we are cursed; the expectation gets too much and we’re all left heartbroken. But something needs to change if we’re going to make a real challenge for the Euros.


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