7 Things we all did as young football fans by Ollyhud

Read on for a trip back in time to when the only care in the world was what name to get on the back of your shirt- Would it be Ljungberg or Edu? Probably the latter as mum is a cheapo & it costs about £20 less…

Here’s a few things we can all relate to as young football fans back in the day…

1. Never leaving the house without your trusty Astro Turf’s

We’ve all turned up to that family party where your cousins are dressed smartly with nice shoes and combed hair while you’re stood there donning Adidas pop up tracksuit bottoms, an England top with ‘Beckham’ on the back and a pair of Astros.

Many of us even bought black ‘stros to try and fool the teacher that they were eligible footwear for school but to no avail.

2. Sports World £3 Mega Deal Umbro footballs that lasted a lifetime


Yeah… You remember these!

These Umbro Ceramica balls defined a generation of playing out the front and knocking for your mates, a more innocent time when there were no iPhones.

Mike Ashley has a lot of faults but you can never deny the fact that he sells great balls at even greater prices.

3. Disappointment on Christmas day

You’ve stayed up all night Christmas Eve because you’re so excited to open your brand spanking new Adidas Predators. You run downstairs and know immediately what present the boots are (The one shaped like a box) so you save them until last.

When it finally comes to opening the boots you’ve waited so long for, you rip open the wrapping paper and…

You find yourself holding a pair of Sondicos!? The first thought that comes to your head is “How am I going to tell my mates?” After bragging to all your schoolmates that your getting the latest, top of the range boots, your mum has made you look like a fool by buying the cheapest, clumpiest boots that are guaranteed to make your new nickname “Shovel Foot.”

Well played Mum (the Predators were too expensive anyway)

4. Having a stint as a Goalie

Whether you’ve volunteered to go in goal to pull off overdramatic saves and shout orders to your pretend back four, been roped in by your mates telling you how good you are at shot stopping, or you were just the fat kid; We’ve all had our fair share of goalkeeping, performing acrobatics we never knew we had whilst thinking we’re the next Fabian Barthez.

5. Attempting to achieve at least one of David Beckham’s haircuts.

I’d imagine the most common would be the 2002 World Cup Mohawk. When Becks scored that penalty against Argentina in the Group stages I believe half the population were blessed with this trim.

Is the Curtain the next to come back in fashion?

6. Knowing who’s boss

When you’ve brought your new £3 Umbro ball to the playground, there’s no doubt about it; You’re the King for the next half an hour. Even if you haven’t brought in a ball, you could suck up to someone who has and be part of the elite few that can play, whilst others sit on the outskirts hoping to get a call up.

There’s always one brave soul, the maverick, that comes up to you and asks if he can play, when 9 out of 10 times your response is… “It’s not my ball mate, sorry.”

8. Wearing your full kit with pride

When you’re a kid, there’s nothing better than being head to toe in your full kit, shinnies on and everything (Even if your only going to the shop).

But when you’re 40 with 2 kids and a mortgage…


I have no words – he’s even gone for the shin pads. 10/10 for effort!


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